XR Dev!

In this part of my site I'll be experimenting with augmented (AR) and mixed Reality (XR) techniques to create new interactive artworks that work across the web using webAR or with an app.

*Hint: Use the • RED • "Let's go!" buttons to check it out on a mobile device. The • GREY • one's don't go anywhere... yet).

AR with a Trigger Image

Bring a static image to life with animation. When the app recognizes the trigger image, a layer of animation is locked and loaded in augmented reality. Visit the link below on your phone to launch the Eyejack app and point the phone camera at the image to see it in action.

Thunderkitty Hellcat Tiger Skull Illustration AR tattoo by Alexander Hare (pixelpuncha)

AR with Eyejack Panels

A scene with 2D animation placed in 3D space. No Trigger required, just a link and the Eyejack app on your phone.

Let's Go!

Take Control

Control a 3D character in augmented reality! click the let's go button below (best viewed on a mobile), then tap the screen to place the character. Use the on-screen joystick to control the characters position. This is Web AR with no need for an app, it just works in your web-cam or phone camera.

XR augmented reality art by Pixelpuncha

AR Art Gallery

An AR gallery that can be placed anywhere, using Eyejack Panels. This AR gallery features two pieces from my Digital Shamanism NFT collection and is an example of how augmented reality can be used to display digital artwork anywhere that you have a smart device and the Eyejack app. No trigger image required.

Medusa Illustration by Alexander Hare (Pixelpuncha)


I offer bespoke design solutions to businesses all over the world, whether you need a video, illustration, motion graphics, or augmented reality experience, I can help!
With over 20+ years experience working in design across various different platforms, a background in advertising, and television, I have built up comprehensive skills in both conceptualization and production of print and screen based media.

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