Jägermeister 'The origin story' an Augmented Reality Comic

Working together with Callwey Verlag publishing, Eyejack and Jägermeister I was commissioned to create a 10 page augmented reality comic book telling the origin story of one of the world's most iconic drinks.

We follow Jägermeister's founder and creator Curt Von Mast on a journey of discovery as he strives to create the perfect recipe for his wonderfully infused herbal elixir. From reality, through the world of dreams to the craddle of invention follow Curt's adventure as it jumps off the pages and into augmented reality.

From sketch to final full colour illustrations through to the final animations I developed the story and style to work on mobile devices along side the published pages.

The pages of this story are collected in the stunning hard back book The Best Nights of Your Life: The Original Jägermeister Book. available now from Amazon and all good book retailers (also available in German here.)

Accompanying the visuals, each page also features sound design by ArrbeeSound, which help immerse the viewer deeper in the story.

All of this is brought together using the Eyejack app allowing users to see the Illustrations jump to life with Augmented Reality!

Project Role: Art Direction, storyboarding, Illustration and animation.

jagermeister AR Comic by Alexander Hare01 jagermeister AR Comic by Alexander Hare03 jagermeister AR Comic by Alexander Hare


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